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For the Love of the Children

Mar 23, 2017

For the Love of the Children

I am very pleased to announce to you that your Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC), after careful prayer and deliberations, has promoted John Paul Cahill to be our new Children’s and Youth pastor.  Tina Green, our Counselling pastor, will assume some of the responsibilities previously fulfilled by Jennifer Officer, and John and Tina will be assisted on a part-time basis by Carissa Houser. 

John brings a deep love for children, not to mention his deep love for the Lord, to the job.  His passion to see kids experience God and thrive in the presence of the Holy Spirit promises to not only continue the great legacy of Son Seekers, but to usher us into a new season.

Tina’s love for children comes with 30 years of experience as a teacher and as an administrator.  She brings all those years to this job—along with her profound love for the Lord, and her strong desire to build on the legacy already in place.

Carissa has served on the Son Seeker’s team for years, loves the kids, and will help with many of the day-to-day chores.  Her maturity in the Lord will be a great asset to the ministry.

The Son Seeker’s Team, which gathered a couple weeks ago to brainstorm, continues as the heart of this ministry.  John and Tina will work with the team to continue a smooth transition and to dream God-sized dreams for our children’s ministry!

I would like to commend our SPRC for the careful and prayerful way they approached this decision.  They came up with a creative solution to a difficult problem in less than a month—by listening to the Spirit and thinking outside of the box.  We will continue to have a fantastic children’s ministry—and even move forward in new ways which will make it easier for church members to serve, and for our kids to experience the Lord in profound ways at an early age.

I also want to thank and commend the servants who make up our Son Seeker’s team.  You have given of yourselves to the Lord unselfishly—many of you for years—and the fruit of that love is amazing.  I am grateful for your excitement going forward!

Finally, I want to thank this entire congregation—which has been the “incubator” all along—allowing a creative children’s ministry to be birthed and to thrive.  God continues a unique and amazing work here which allows and calls all of us to a place of mature relationship with the Lord which is truly biblical—and truly rare in our consumer-driven church culture.  Thank you for loving children, loving Jesus, and loving each other!  

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