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Ginat-Slaying Love

Apr 21, 2017

Giant-Slaying Love

When I grow up, I want to be like David…

David answered, “You come at me with sword and spear and battle ax.  I come at you in the name of God-of-Angel-Armies, the God of Israel’s troops, whom you curse and mock.” (1 Sam. 17:45 Msg.)

King Saul and all the troops of Israel were terrified by the taunts of Goliath, not to mention his massive size—all, that is, except for David.  This teenaged shepherd from podunk Bethlehem looked at things differently than the rest of the men—including his own brothers.  David looked upon the situation, as Eugene Peterson shares, “with a God-dominated, not a Goliath-dominated imagination.”

Fixating on the “giants” in our lives is a common human condition.  It certainly was for Israel as the entire army was paralyzed with fear for forty days as Goliath baited and belittled them relentlessly. 

I have certainly been there—and I bet you have been, too.  A “giant” problem or situation arises and all I can see, or think about, or worry about, or get sick over—is that giant.  The taunts and the fears can be paralyzing as the problem seems to be mocking me day and night. 

One top of Goliath’s taunts, David had to deal with the hurtful way his own brothers rejected and mocked him.  Like the rest of the Israelites, they were focused on Goliath rather than God, and on top of that, they had an extreme level of disdain for their youngest brother (talk about sibling rivalry!).

But David…  David was so focused on the Lord and so unimpressed with that loud-mouthed giant that he brushed aside the jabs from his family, the disbelief of his fellow countrymen, and the jeering of Goliath himself…  And picked up five rounded stones.

I have shared before the significance of five stones.  The Bible makes clear that there were five giants left on the earth in David’s day—Goliath, and his four brothers.  David the teenager was not only a bold young man—he was already a Prophet of God.  The five stones spoke prophetically to the demise of the five giants—and the end to such flagrant demonic taunting of God’s people Israel. 

But David…  David was so focused on the Lord that he could see past the problem and into the Eyes of the Solution Himself—the Lord.

When I grow up, I want to be like David…

When giants arise; when the night seems the longest; when there is no light at the end of the tunnel… These are the times we must—by God’s grace—learn to see through a God-dominated, not a giant-dominated imagination. 

How did David develop such a God-focused view so early in life?  He was a worshipper.  He was a prayer.  He trusted the Word.  He developed early such trust in the Lord that the Giant… didn’t seem big at all…!

I am a bit slower than David in terms of becoming a Man after God’s own Heart.  (No one would accuse me of being a teenager!)  Still, I want to be so God-focused, with such a God-dominated imagination, that no “giant” will be able to mock me into submission.  I KNOW that is your prayer, too.  We are collectively tired of giants wanting to make us feel like we are defeated.  We are tired of big-mouthed goliath’s trying to rob us of our joy…  We are tired of being mocked by troubles; we are ready to pick up God’s weapons for victory! 

When I grow up, I want to be like David!  Join me in that desire!! 

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