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Healing School/Real Love Heals

Jun 01, 2017

School of Healing/Real Love Heals

As we begin June, I want you to be aware of a life-changing week that will be here before we know it.  I’m talking about October 16th through October 22 – when we will host two amazing events as one…

Starting Monday evening, October 16 and continuing through Friday evening, October 20th, Rev. Dr. Bobby Cabot will be here as we host her Healing School, Encounter the God Who Heals.  Many of you remember Bobby as the leader from our second Real Love Heals Conference four years ago.  She is a fantastically gifted teacher and prayer warrior!

Tina and I were part of the School in January in Nashville.  It was a tremendous week of learning about how to operate in Healing gifts of the Spirit, experiencing those gifts firsthand, and witnessing those gifts set others free, and we cannot recommend too strongly for you to plan on attending—and on bringing others with you.  This is the most in-depth and hands-on School of Healing I know of anywhere…!

Friday Night, October 20th we will close out the School by having a Healing Service open to the community, in which all those who attended will be the prayer teams for those who come to the service.  THIS IS CERTAINLY THE NIGHT TO BRING THOSE YOU KNOW WHO ARE SICK—PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, OR EMOTIONALLY—TO COME AND RECEIVE HEALING FROM THE LORD!

But the Healing Service has a double function and blessing, as it kicks off our 2017 REAL LOVE HEALS CONFERENCE!  Continuing Saturday October 21st, Real Love Heals will feature Garry Ingraham, the national director of Transforming Congregations, an organization which helps congregations and individuals present the full Gospel of Jesus’ healing to those struggling with sexual brokenness and other life-controlling issues. 

Garry—as well as his wife—both came out of homosexual identities, “and know hundreds of others who have chosen the narrow path of surrender to Jesus, rather than the wide path of what the world tells us is good, healthy, and unchangeable.”

“This is what our ministry is all about—helping Christian leaders develop environments that allow people to be known in their brokenness and be restored to sexual and relational wholeness according to God’s design.  We want to help stop all the lying and pretending that we (the Church) are engaged in, and return with repentant hearts to the One who wants to forgive, heal, and restore through the transparency of His community.”

So mark your calendars—and get the word out—because October is going t be an amazing month of healings, deliverances, breakthroughs, and joys as LOVE HIMSELF teaches us, through Bobby, what New Testament healing looks and feels like; and, through Garry, what the REAL LOVE of GOD does in the hearts and minds of broken people! 

  • Healing School:  Monday October 16-20
  • Healing Service: Night of Healing/Real Love Heals Start:  Friday, October 20th 7pm
  • Real Love Heals Conference: Friday evening & Saturday (9-5), Oct. 20-21
  • Special Guests Sharing in the Sunday Services Oct. 22

Together, this promises to be a week of true Awakening; a time to operate more fully as an Eastern Gate; a time to be a Lighthouse Church.  October may well mark the end of our “Wilderness Wanderings,” and the beginning of a mighty Kingdom season…!

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