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A Weekend of Love

Jun 22, 2017

A Weekend of Love

Today, tomorrow, and Sunday are important days in the life of our Church-and could eternally impact your life, and the life of your family!

Biblical Eldership Gathering

Friday evening from 6-8 and Saturday morning from 9-12, Rev. Dr. Scott Kelso from Columbus Ohio will be here to teach us about Biblical Eldership—and how that might look in our setting.

  • ALL IN LEADERSHIP, and all who would like to come, should come!

Dr. Kelso is a recognized expert in Eldership as outlined in Scripture and practiced in the early Church.  As he shares with us, I am hoping the Lord will clarify in our collective minds how we might better operate as a “First Church” in the things they did at… First! 

Elders in the New Testament Church were men of highest character chosen to lead not because they had money or cultural status, but rather because they were mature believers who had Christ-like characters. 

Here is my question:  Since God is refining and clarifying our Identity as a congregation, is Biblical Eldership supposed to be part of our Identity?  I think Scott’s visit will help us discern!

Oaks of Righteousness Family Worship Night

Sunday Night at 5:30, I am hoping and praying that ALL of us—plus as many guests as we can bring—will be part of the MEAL and WORSHIP GATHERING we are having in the Family Life Center beginning at 5:30 and continuing until…

This fellowship and worship gathering is important to the future of our Church and to the destiny of more than a few of us.  I suggest you come hungry—not simply for the good food which will be provided—but most importantly, for the Spiritual Food the Lord desires to feed us!

  • ALL Sunday evening Life Groups will be attending, and everyone else affiliated with this church, or just interested in knowing Jesus more, should COME!!  It will be a great night and is an important night for us—an important night for YOU—and your family!!

I love you deeply, and am looking forward to seeing you Friday evening, Saturday morning, and especially Sunday evening!  - Pastor Craig

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