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Golden Calf Ironies

The people wanted a golden calf; God wanted to Tabernacle with His people. The Ironies abound!
Irony.  That’s the word that comes to mind when I think about Aaron and the Golden Calf incident found in Exodus 32.  I’ve often said that, People want an Aaron, but we need a Mos…

Emmaus Eyesight

We are asking God to open our eyes as He did the disciples walking to Emmaus.
It should come as no surprise to anyone associated with Livingston First that the Walk to Emmaus is a deeply treasured part of our communal life which has been used powerfully by …

The Lord's Visitation

I pray you sense as I do that God is on the move!
I hope you are sensing what I am sensing—that this is far more than a new calendar year—it is in fact a new season for our church, county, and area!  Demonic strongholds are retre…

Lucile Hyder and the Overflow

While I am tempted to write about the miraculous provision the Lord gave us this past week in the elimination of our debt, I want to go in a different direction in today’s blog.  …

The Year of Vision

Our Lord desires that see Him, His people, and His plans more clearly than ever!
The Lord has declared, for our congregation, that 2015 is the Year of Vision.  At least two major blessings will flow from the Lord to and through us in the midst of this year.  F…