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The Long Road of Love

The easy way is often the deadliest--especially when it comes to walking with the Lord!
The Long Road of Love Love—true love—often comes in unexpected ways, and sometimes, even in “tough” ways.  We came upon one such example in our Life Journal readings this week, …

Fruitful Love

We MUST bear fruit! God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the key to doing so!!
Fruitful Love All of us know that as disciples and followers of Jesus the Messiah we are expected to bear fruit.  Scripture makes clear that if we are fruitless in this life—and…

Loving God and Neighbor

The Greatest Commandment is to Love God and Neighbor. God is expecting us to fulfill it!
Loving God and Neighbor For several years, our church vision/mission statement has been Loving God and Neighbor in Worship, Word, and Life Groups.  It continues to be a beautifu…