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Miracles of Love

God is inviting us to experience a Miracle together in just over a month...!
Miracles of Love The disciples were overwhelmed by the size of the crowd... but the Lord fed the multitudes—with 12 baskets left over… The disciples were unprepared for a terr…

Real Love Heals

Love. Real Love. It is more than a slogan, a conference, or an idea. It is the power behind the very best of what church can and should be...!
REAL LOVE HEALS! I am heading to my 40th High School Class reunion.  If you would have told me as a seventeen-year-old that 40 years later I would be happily married with four a…

Persistent Love, Humble Love

Two stories, closely connected, should speak to everyone of us!
Persistent Love, Humble Love Luke 18:1-14 (Part of our Life Journal Reading for October 5) Jesus told a story showing that it was necessary for them to pray consistently and n…