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Intercessors, Arise!

I love the fact that we are praying and interceding together! Now is the time to really press in...!
I love the fact that our congregation is praying collectively and purposefully to see people set free from religiosity, spirits of poverty/materialism, and addictions/addictive pe…

Prayer Heard 'round the World

Prayer, not human strength, empowered our Founding Fathers. Prayer empowers us--here and now!!
On July 4th, 1776, the founding fathers of this nation issued a declaration of independence that sent shock waves around the world.  Prior to ever issuing that declaration, howeve…

Crowning Prayer

God is calling us to eight months of intense corporate prayer. Principalities will fall. People who were formerly trapped in bondage will be freed. A New Beginning is coming!
God gave Don Ragland—and Don gave us—a powerful image that bears repeating as we begin our eight month commitment to daily prayer.  This prayer is two-pronged.  As a united congre…