First Church of Livingston





First Church (in all likelihood, truly the “First Church” in Livingston proper) was born of the revival movements collectively called the Second Great Awakening. The Early Methodists were on fire for God, and had a passion to reach frontier families and Native Americans as well with the Good News of Jesus. By God’s grace, that fire and zeal has returned to many in this congregation, and our passion is to see another great awakening in the Upper Cumberland!

First Church is a body of some 500 followers of Jesus. This congregation was founded in the 1830’s, and has a long history of serving people and loving God. We are a congregation with much openness to the Holy Spirit, and a genuine love for Jesus. We attempt to be an absolutely authentic Christian community, where people from very different ages and backgrounds can come together in Jesus’ Name and love Him more than we do our differences. It may be easier to create a congregation that only appeals to seniors, or to young families, or to the rich, or to traditionalists, etc., But we are intentional about “Submitting one to another,” and in so doing, grow in the character of God Himself.